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Careglio Logistica industriale

Careglio Logistica industriale

About us

The company
CAREGLIO was founded in 1976, and produces industrial, commercial and residential doors, specialising in the design and production of high-speed flexible doors.

CAREGLIO works as a direct supplier, distributor and maintenance provider, offering a 360° service: consultancy, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and emergency repair are all services that CAREGLIO offers its customers in order to meet their every requirement.

CAREGLIO offers the perfect solutions for reducing transit times between manufacturing areas, warehouses and outside areas. Our products are also ideal ways of dividing up large spaces into sections that meet particular requirements such as special temperature, sound and insulation requirements.

CAREGLIO is a one-stop shop for its customers, guaranteeing high quality in every phase of its commercial dealings. Safety, dependability and project management are all tailored to suit our customers: all this guarantees a clear and longstanding commercial relationship, ensuring total customer satisfaction.


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