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Careglio Logistica industriale

Careglio Logistica industriale

Lampo crash

Hig-speed flexible self-repairing roller door

Lampo Crash is a new flexible and self-repairing rolling door.
It dynamically resists impacts and is a perfect solution for areas with high traffic levels and areas with particular isolation needs. It also reduces time needed to travel between production areas and, thanks to its self-repairing automatism, there is no need to call a technician to reposition the fabric after an accidental impact.

Lampo Crash is self-repairing.
- Dynamic resistance to impacts.
- Easy automatic fabric repositioning.
- The fabric is equipped with side hinges which slide into specific rails.
- In case of impact, the hinges derail, thus protecting the fabric.
- After an impact, the fabric will go back into its proper position thanks to its automatic opening and closing mechanism.

Lampo Crash is intelligent.
- (Optional) Inverter System which regulates the rolling and unrolling speed of the fabric.
- Quick door opening.
- Controlled stop system during closing (it slows down once it reaches 2 metres from the floor).
- A group of photocells detects the presence of obstacles.
- In case of obstacles, the fabric rolls back up.  

Lampo Crash is airtight.
- Ideal for partitioning industrial spaces.
- Greater thermal insulation for areas with specific thermal, acoustic, hygienic and physical requirements.

Lampo Crash is ultra-quick.
- Ultra-quick roll-up.
- The fabric wraps directly around the axis without the use of dragging systems.
- Opening speed of up to 1,20 m/sec.

Lampo Crash is safe.
- The photocells detect any bumps on the fabric due to impacts.
- The electronic system automatically stops the fabric and rolls it up immediately through a wind-up mechanism.

Lampo Crash is certified.
- Lampo Crash is produced according to EC norms and meets the following requirements:
- Conformity to EEC norms
- Prevention measures to avoid crushing
- Prevention measures to avoid the panel from falling
- Manual emergency opening
- Prevention measures to avoid damage to the door.









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