Forty years of experience

Production, distribution and assistance: a complete service for every client, since 1976.


Versatility e flexibility!

A wide range of high quality fully customized doors and entrances.


Solutions for every sector

Industrial, ecological, healthcare and many others, Careglio closures have a place in every sector!

Our brands
Careglio: industrial logistics at your service!
Welcome to the world of Careglio, a universe of flexibility in industrial logistics!
Since 1976, Careglio has been known for cutting-edge solutions and technological research, thanks to our flexible closures which ensure great performance in terms of quality and safety, and that satisfy each client’s specific practical and logistical needs.

Consulting, production, installation, service, regular and emergency maintenance: Careglio is at the same time, a direct manufacturer, distributor and assistance provider, offering a complete and tailored service to each customer.

Always at the forefront
Reliability, security and high performance. For forty years Careglio has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology in the production of industrial and residential closures. A company in continuous development, offering a diversified and high quality range of products and service.
Industry, logistics, food, healthcare and automotive are just some of the fields for which Careglio produces customized solutions to guarantee high performance.

The company is also involved in design and installation, for a complete service in every phase of the project.

Looking for distributors

Careglio, a leader in the field of industrial closures, is continually growing: this is why we are looking for retailers / distributors who are interested in advantageous profit margins.
Please e-mail to:, – tel: +39 0173 65.675

Innovative solutions for every field

Careglio is logistics applied to industry in an innovative way: a manufacturer on the flexible closures market with services ranging from design to installation. In particular, our high quality range of roll-up doors and high speed folding doors is what makes us stand out on the market and characterizes Careglio as a leader in Italy.
Even in the construction of sectional doors and entrance doors, the company is currently one of the biggest names in the European landscape. Robust and versatile, with a selection of opening types: standard, lowered, vertical or raised, with manual or motorized operation, Careglio sectional doors ensure durability and safety and can be aesthetically adapted to the functional and architectural characteristics of any building.