Careglio: cutting edge technology since 1976
Careglio has been working in the field of industrial, tertiary and residential closures since 1976 and is specialized in the design and construction of high speed flexible doors.

The company is a direct producer, distributor and assistance provider all at the same time, operating at 360 degrees: consulting, production, installation, ordinary and emergency maintenance are all services which Careglio makes available to its customers for a complete and diversified offer.

Careglio produces optimal solutions for reducing transit time between production areas, warehouses and outside areas, ideal also for dividing space into compartments with specific requirements, like heating/cooling, soundproofing and temperature proofing. Safety, reliability and close collaboration with the client: all of these guarantee an open and long lasting partnership, with the client’s full satisfaction as our goal.

Careglio closures find application in many areas, including:
The Industrial sector
The industrial sector requires versatility, durability and security. Furthermore, every industry has specific needs that change according to its scope of activities and services offered. Engineering, electronics and textile industries, steel mills, foundries, paper mills and printing are just some of the many areas for which Careglio produces flexible closures which can be perfectly adapted to every need.
The Food sector
The food industry has to meet very precise characteristics: in particular, the closures designed for this area require maximum hygiene, safety and resistance to temperature changes. They must also offer easy maintenance and resistance to moisture and specific cleaning products. Stability against accidental blows and quick opening and closing are fundamental characteristics for closures directed at this sector.
The Ecology sector
Closures that facilitate composting and recycling processes in large industrial plants, which comply with regulations for safety, hygiene and the protection of operators. Careglio offers all the reliability of high quality materials and the latest equipment, while satisfying CE standards. The safety of employees is guaranteed by motion detectors, photoelectric cells, etc.
The Healthcare sector
Hospitals, laboratories and medical facilities require high levels of hygiene and protection of environments that use special equipment or radioactive elements. Moreover, in areas of clinics and hospitals where there are operating rooms it is essential to ensure sterility and prevent contamination through hand contact. It is also essential to provide maximum freedom of movement to staff and patients.
The Automotive sector
Great resistance to constant stress and bumps, convenience, reliability, customization in size and appearance: closures for the automotive sector must ensure both high performance and maximum durability. For this Careglio offers a wide range of tailored solutions to efficiently respond to companies’ needs.
The Logistics sector
Careglio always delivers solutions which guarantee maximum flexibility in the logistics industry, with closures designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, optimize loading and unloading times and make the workflow more efficient. Closures ensure maximum safety for operators and equipment thanks to their weather resistance and high quality materials.
The Farming sector
The agricultural and livestock sectors require solutions that maintain a high level of hygiene, protect the health of operators and ensure optimal living conditions for animals. Closures and gates, therefore, should reduce work time, facilitate the passage of vehicles and machinery and protect the environment from fumes and odors related to agriculture processes, especially with animal rearing.
The Naval aviation sector
Closures designed for the naval aviation industry must ensure maximum resistance to wind force and the ability to close large openings. Careglio solutions are reliable, durable and do not require excessive maintenance. In addition, they are designed to withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature and are resistant to dust and high winds.