Careglio has three locations where all the different operational phases are organized in perfect synergy, from design, production and assembly to testing, logistics and marketing.
Vezza d’Alba (Cuneo)
Our Headquarters is located in Vezza d’Alba, where production, administration and business activities are carried out. In the production departments here, closures are created according to plans from the Research and Design Department and all phases of the cycle are performed: sheet metal cutting, bending, electrical wiring, assembly and testing.
Canale (Cuneo)
At our Canale site activities are mainly dedicated to the assembly and testing of large closures. The assembly area is equipped with specialized structures which perform the modular assembly of large sized closures, while in the testing unit all tests regarding the functioning of closures are performed. There is also an exhibition area within the plant where all of the latest Careglio products are displayed.
Vaccheria di Guarene (Cuneo)
In Vaccheria di Guarene there is the show room where the full Careglio product line is in exhibition.