Production departments: the heart of Careglio
Careglio makes all the flexible closures in its factories, with a production capacity that exceeds a thousand doors year. For each product, the company chooses only the best materials and each assembled component is a guarantee of ‘Made in Italy’ quality. In addition, the installation staff has decades of experience to offer and the technical staff ensures maximum expertise and professionalism at every stage of production. The production process is complex and rigorous, and includes several phases:
Research and Design
In this primary step the closures are designed with industrial design software, Autocad, to meet the needs of customers through personalized solutions.

Sheet metal cutting
Coil cutting lines, specialized equipment for unrolling and cutting sheet metal, are used. The processing is done with Plasma laser technology cutting lines or NC machines that cut the sheets.

The sheet metal is processed with benders and punch presses.

A phase of crucial importance, testing is always rigorously carried out at the end of the assembly phase. Tests are performed on specific supports in which the already assembled closures are inserted to verify proper operation and seamless automation.

Large closures are assembled with the use of a double self-raising scaffold or for medium size closures, a smaller scaffold, designed to assemble more compact projects, is used.

Electrical wiring
Wiring of motors, cables and electrical connections of the closures automation systems.