Logistics sector

- Mounted on automatic PLC control systems - Fit a variety of openings

The closures designed by Careglio for the logistics industry facilitate the smooth and continuous movement of goods and materials, benefitting work pace, loading and unloading and efficient time management. Maintaining high productivity is, in fact, critical to transport, logistics and storage. Careglio solutions also guarantee maximum safety for operators and equipment, thanks to their weather resistance and high quality materials.
In particular, Lampo and Laser are best suited for the needs of the logistics industry because they ensure the fluidity of in and out traffic.
Lampo provides leading-edge performance thanks to its high speed, practicality and streamlining of transit. It is designed, in fact, to withstand continuous movement.
Laser is also designed to withstand numerous cycles of opening and closing, thanks to the polyester panel with rigid tubular reinforcement and the galvanized structure. In addition, Laser ensures perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, ideal for warehouses, depots and transit zones.
Laser is expandable to close oversized gaps, while Lampo is tailor made to suit every type of opening.
Both closures comply with CE regulations and offer systems for prevention of crushing, falling of the panel and damage to the door.

– Mounted on automatic PLC control systems
– Fit a variety of openings