Naval Aviation sector

- large doors for hangars - large doors for shipyards - great wind resistance

Large doors for hangars and shipyards, designed to withstand wind pressure and weather. Careglio offers a wide range of large, vertical, dual panel folding doors.
Careglio solutions are reliable, durable and do not require much maintenance. In addition, they are designed to withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature and are resistant to dust and high winds.
Despite the large size, the closures are designed to weigh as little as possible on the structure of the building. Moreover, the closures can be designed to operate at high speed and thus reduce energy consumption and improve the flow of traffic.
Numerous customization options are available, because Careglio solutions are designed according to the needs of individual customers.
In particular, Giant Door is made to close or delimit large rooms and is therefore recommended for the naval aviation sector. With its dual panel gathered and folded in on both sides, the panel in Poly Panama fabric covered in PVC and paint and super resistant steel trusses, Giant Door ensures a perfect seal against external agents.
Alternatively, the great versatility of Laser also makes this closure applicable to the naval sector, thanks to its thermal and acoustic insulation, expandable size, weather resistance and safety.

– large doors for hangars
– large doors for shipyards
– great wind resistance